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Foshan Sinoquare Electric Co., Ltd. Is located in the developed Pearl River Delta Economic Circle (Foshan).It is an enterprise engaged in research in the fields of Power Factor Correction and Power Quality as well as product development, production and sales company.

The company's products include: Low-voltage power capacitors, Detuned reactors, Thyristor  switches, PFC controllers, High-voltage Capacitors, High-voltage reactors; Active Harmonic Filters, Static Var Generators , STACTOM.

Our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, steel, energy, biology, transportation, textile, paper, tobacco, construction and other industries.

Company goals
Become the world's leading expert in the field of power quality
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For better life
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Power quality control
Committed to solving power quality problems such as harmonics, reactive power, and three-phase imbalance on the load side of the power grid. We have been promoting the smart, convenient, efficient and clean use of electric energy.
Reduce economic losses
Europe loses 150 billion euros every year due to power quality problems (voltage dips, short blackouts, harmonic interference, long blackouts, transient effects). To avoid these losses, only 5% of the investment is required.
Customized products and better services
Provide the best solution based on site conditions. Professional engineers will provide technical guidance throughout the entire process. You will have a professional power quality expert.
New energy
Our products includs: Active Harmonic Filters and energy storage systems.